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The Boggild Research Group is committed to the accessibility of knowledge to better serve our patient population. As such, utilizing national guidelines, several iOS applications are being developed to guide the physician to appropriate tropical diagnoses. All applications are available on apple devices for free. For app support please contact:

The RAFT App

Fever in the returned traveler is a medical emergency warranting prompt medical attention to exclude potentially life-threatening illnesses such as malaria. However, prolonged evaluation in the Emergency Room (ER) may not be required for all patients. As a quality improvement initiative, we designed and implemented an algorithm for rapid assessment of febrile travellers (RAFT) in an ambulatory tropical medicine clinic. This application was adapted from the algorithm and also includes useful resources and links necessary for the diagnosis of tropical illnesses.


The Strongy App

Strongyloides stercoralis is a parasitic nematode found in humans, with a higher prevalence in tropical and sub-tropical regions worldwide. If untreated, the infection can progress to disseminated strongyloidiasis, a critical illness which may be fatal. This application will provide clinical guidance on the prevention, assessment and management of disseminated strongyloidiasis. It was developed along with the Canadian national guidelines on strongyloidiasis and also includes useful resources and links necessary for the diagnosis of strongyloidiasis.


The Schisto App

Coming Soon...